A simple and effective solution to repair your concrete patio

A simple and effective solution to repair your concrete patio


Concrete patios or galleries are attached to a large percentage of Quebec homes. Unfortunately, our climate, which wanders between extremes, often has a devastating effect on them.

Cracked, holed, stained concrete, sometimes too porous from its construction, not offering an optimal experience, is occasionally a source of hassle for users. Homeowners wonder how to improve the appearance of their outdoor environment and a damaged concrete patio is regularly part of the dilemma.

Some more or less aesthetic solutions are available, but few means are available to owners to assure them of a durable, waterproof, simple, low-maintenance and aesthetic result.

Bestdeck membranes are the best solution to consider for a concrete gallery in poor condition.


A sustainable solution

The PVC membrane, when installed by professionals and maintained regularly, has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. If we compare it to other solutions such as paint, cement touch-ups, synthetic grass carpets or others, the PVC membrane offers obvious savings in maintenance and replacement costs.


A waterproof solution

We all know that water infiltration, as well as freezing and thawing at different times of the year, is the main cause of a deteriorating concrete gallery. The means available to protect concrete rarely offer the ideal seal that would protect it effectively and reliably.

This is why the 100% waterproof PVC membrane is a first choice solution when it comes time to improve the exterior of your property.


A simple solution

The steps are simple for a home owner who is interested in the possibility of using PVC membrane for his patio. It is only a question of contacting us we can make a complete and fast estimate.

Once the membrane model has been chosen, an appointment will be set for us to carry out the work.

In most cases, workers will use surfacing concrete to then install the membrane. If other solutions are required, these will have been evaluated during the submission process. We offer a guarantee that also allows owners to enjoy their terrace simply and without hassle.


A solution that requires little maintenance

A house requires so much maintenance and work that the slightest respite is welcomed with relief. The PVC membrane requires little care. A small simple cleaning in the spring, as well as 2 or 3 times during the summer is sufficient, which allows you to devote more time to more pleasant activities.


An aesthetic solution

Gone is the boring look of concrete. Bestdeck membranes offer you a wide range of different colors and textures. You will have the opportunity to choose the one that will best suit the home and outdoor decor.


In conclusion

The advantages of the PVC membrane over competing solutions to remedy the obvious problems associated with a concrete patio. No matter where homeowners are in the decision-making process for their project, they should first contact a PVC membrane installation specialist for an assessment of the situation and to receive an estimate quickly.

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