Advantages on treated wood

Take for example a treated wood patio. The initial manufacturing cost is certainly less expensive than PVC membrane, but it must be dyed on a regular basis; not to mention that the wood is deteriorating more and more every year.

If you have children, they cannot play sitting or kneeling without the risk of splinters.

Treated wood is very hot for the feet in summer and winter; it is always slippery when it is covered with snow. You will not have these problems with the Bestdeck deck vinyl covering. 

Advantages on fiberglass

In some cases, fiberglass is a good product. Several people improvise manufacturing fiberglass.

But after a short delay, the fiber delaminates wood and deteriorates. In the sun, the fiber is also extremely hot for the feet; impossible to walk barefoot in the summer on the surface without getting burned. It is by far the most slippery product in winter. Covered with a thin layer of snow, it remains dangerous.

Advantages on ceramics

Ceramic can be used on cement. But on wooden patios, it does not waterproof the surface.

This is not the ideal solution. It is also a very slippery product unless you use a special non-slip type tile.

Advantages on waterproofing coatings

There are also some elastomer-based polyurethane resin waterproofing coatings on the market that roll out following some supposedly easy steps, but do not be fooled by this type of product. Usually, after one or two seasons, it degrades and lets water leak in.

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