13 September 2022

Plan your works for next spring

As we discussed in the last article, it is still possible to contact us to have your PVC membrane installed on your patio. As long as […]
15 August 2022

Mid August; is it too late to cover my patio with Bestdeck membranes?

The short answer is NO… In fact, now is a great time to contact Bestdeck Membranes to get an estimate for your project. Here’s why.   […]
13 July 2022

A simple and effective solution to repair your concrete patio

Concrete patios or galleries are attached to a large percentage of Quebec homes. Unfortunately, our climate, which wanders between extremes, often has a devastating effect on […]
7 June 2022

How to properly maintain your deck vinyl covering

Probably one of the reasons you chose PVC membrane to cover your exterior surface is the fact that it is easy to maintain and clean. You […]