Outdoor surfaces that are exposed to direct sunlight can get hot during certain times of the year. Whether it be a sunny beach, the seats of your car, or one of the many available decking materials available on today’s market, many products just hold heat more than others. BestDeck Vinyl Products is excited to announce a revolutionary “cool colors” product line that will reflect the sun’s UV rays to help curb the excessive heat build up on your deck.

These new Intellideck designs are equipped with patent-protected “cool color” technology. It provides a significant reduction in the heating build-up of the deck surface in intense sunlight. Special high quality pigments reflect up to 80 percent of infrared solar radiation, thus reducing the surface temperatures by more than 20 percent, effectively 30 degrees fahrenheit or more.

This innovative technology has proven itself for years in the European window and door market providing unmatched temperature reduction in dark colored profiles, and is now being utilized by Intellideck for use in decking membranes within North America. BestDeck Vinyl Products is the exclusive Intellideck cool colors distributor within Canada, and will be adding more cool color designs to offer our customers the option of having dark, rich patterns that will do a better job at reflecting harmful UV rays.

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Cool Colors (68mil)


Linear foot, Roll