23 November 2022

How to maintain and enjoy your PVC membrane patio this winter?

No matter what part of Canada you live in, you will probably want to use your patio or deck at certain times of winter; whether it […]
19 October 2022

Bestdeck membrane installer; a very rewarding job

The last two years have been marked by interesting phenomena in the field of work. The “great resignation” among others; thousands and thousands of people in […]
13 September 2022

Plan your works for next spring

As we discussed in the last article, it is still possible to contact us to have your PVC membrane installed on your patio. As long as […]
15 August 2022

Mid August; is it too late to cover my patio with Bestdeck membranes?

The short answer is NO… In fact, now is a great time to contact Bestdeck Membranes to get an estimate for your project. Here’s why.   […]