Plan your works for next spring

Plan your works for next spring


Fall decorations in the backyard

As we discussed in the last article, it is still possible to contact us to have your PVC membrane installed on your patio. As long as there are days with a temperature of more than 15 degrees Celcius, our teams can carry out the work.

However, if the weather and our waiting list do not allow us to carry out the work this fall, don’t worry, you will be served first when spring arrives.


Call us today

Even if you do not plan to have the work done before spring, it is advantageous for you to contact us today.

This will allow you to secure your place on our list and ensure that your PVC membrane is installed in the spring. You will be able to enjoy your new surface for the entire summer.

Another advantage is that it allows you to use the next few months to plan your work, work out your budget and have more time to choose the colors and/or patterns of your membrane. You will also have greater flexibility to shop for your railing and stairs if needed.


Other works

If you plan to expand your terrace, or have major changes made to your patio before installing the PVC membrane, take advantage of the coming months to plan this work well so as not to have any surprises next spring.

Same thing if you plan to change your patio railing, ramp or stair steps.


Choice of colors and patterns

As mentioned above, this is the perfect time to choose the color of your membrane. Contact us for samples. Take the time to compare with the color of your house and the different elements that surround it.

Ask the opinion of family members and friends who have an eye for aesthetics.

We offer you a wide range of colors and patterns. Rest assured that you will find what will suit your outdoor environment.


Purchase of patio furniture and accessories

Also take advantage of  winter to plan the purchases that will accompany the installation of your new PVC membrane.

If your plan is to buy new patio furniture, make sure table and chair legs can’t rip the membrane. If necessary, get quality cushions that you can install under the legs.

If you have the opportunity to choose your PVC membrane color very soon, you may then be able to take advantage of end-of-season discounts in certain stores.


Contact us today

Whether it is because you would like to have your new PVC membrane installed this fall, or whether it is because you would like to start organizing your work for next spring, contact us today.

We can discuss your project together and you can get an estimate quickly.

Have a great fall!

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