Mid August; is it too late to cover my patio with Bestdeck membranes?

Mid August; is it too late to cover my patio with Bestdeck membranes?


The short answer is NO…

In fact, now is a great time to contact Bestdeck Membranes to get an estimate for your project.

Here’s why.


Don’t wait until next year

There are many good reasons not to wait until next year to have PVC protection installed on your exterior surface.

One of the main reasons is the fact that prices may increase slightly, as they do every year. Take advantage of the current rate, and save for your other future projects; contact us today.

Another good reason is to avoid the wait until next spring. Spring is a very busy season for PVC membrane installers, since many homeowners make the decision at the beginning of the year to have their patio protected in order to enjoy it during the coming summer. This sometimes causes waiting lists which can be irritating for some people. Don’t run the risk of waiting; call us today.

One last reason; you can still enjoy your terrace or patio for 1 or 2 months. Summer is not over, and fall tends to be longer in later years. Why put off until 2023 what can be done in 2022?


The construction holiday is over

The workers of the various trades came back to work, refreshed and motivated. Although Bestdeck PVC membrane installers offer you unparalleled service at all times, why not take advantage of these fresh and enthusiastic forces to get your work done?

The trade of PVC membrane installer is a seasonal job; the workers are therefore ready to give their all to end the season in style.


As long as the weather is nice, it’s not too late

As I mentioned above, autumns tend to be warmer for longer, which also allows installers, when they are, to ply their trades longer that year.

So don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you think it’s too late in the season. As long as the temperature is above 15 degrees Celsius, installation professionals will be able to complete your project. In some cases, we can afford to install the membrane at a lower temperature, which will have to be confirmed with your Bestdeck representative.


In conclusion

No, it’s not too late!

Take advantage of the best prices, avoid waiting lists and take advantage of our product now.

As long as the weather permits, the installers of Bestdeck PVC membranes will be happy to bring your projects to life for your patio.

Do not wait any longer, contact us today.

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