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Since 2013, BestDeck is proud to be an industry leader in waterproof flooring systems for outdoor PVC patios. BestDeck products offer modern designs and various color selections while being tough enough for the hard North American climate. Make an informed choice and choose the BestDeck PVC membranes for your outdoor PVC covering needs.
  • Waterproof slip resistant protection
  • Over 20 different code compliant colors and patterns to choose from for your vinyl deck membrane
  • Long lasting protection backed by an industry leading warranty

Did you know that ...

If a professional do it for you, he can provide you with a guarantee? This product requires welds to properly waterproof the surface from below. Even if 1% of water slip through, problems will be assured in the short term.
In Western Canada, almost 80% of balconies or terraces are covered by vinyl PVC product? According to Canadian construction standards, many of our products in Quebec are simply not acceptable for some decking projects.
Several types of PVC vinyl product are available and therefore several qualities are available. Our product is the thickest and most flexible vinyl deck membrane in North America.
Our product has, among other things, a polyester underlayer which is used to give a better long-term performance when glued and a thin film to protect against UV rays (which is lacking with many other types of vinyl product).
By calculating over 15 to 20 years, the option to install our product helps you save a lot of money in maintenance and replacement costs.
PVC is a flexible product. This may seem trivial but on the contrary very relevant for Quebec. We have so many temperature variances in Quebec that the products used to carry out our balcony projects should be flexible. Only PVC is a flexible product on the market.

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